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Create green vertical gardens, walls of wildflowers, living logos or rooftop lawns and meadows: the possibilities really are endless. Our living walls can be designed, planted and maintained for any structure from high street supermarkets and retail spaces to high rise offices or hotels and make stunning features in homes and gardens. Far more than just an eco-statement, our products and expertise make possible a total transformation of the built environment.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How long does it take to grow a green wall

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Environmentally friendly features


Turn vertical surfaces into gardens

Reinvent and revive unused or ugly surfaces into a stunning new statement feature: a green wall literally brings a building to life - and our unique modular Living Wall System™ makes it simple, versatile and easy to look after whether it’s inside or out.

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Grow gardens in the sky

Transform wasted urban roof space into new green gardens, lawns and meadows. Our pre-grown modular systems instantly improve the view, add extra wildlife habitats and can even offer new recreational space, while the building below benefits from added insulation and thermal efficiency.

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Create original artwork with living plants

Use a palette of different foliage plants and flowers to create a framed piece of living art. An inspiring and original alternative to corporate prints in offices and a unique feature in any residential interior.

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Deep green texture even in low light areas

Nothing artificial comes close to the velvet texture and tactile depth of real moss, whether deep dyed to vibrant yellows or true to life in forest greens, it’s easily sculpted into shapes, logos or lettering to suit you.

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Our Customers


Bringing Art to Life

Van Gogh recreated in living plants in Trafalgar Square

ANS love to work closely with artists, architects and local town councils so we were delighted when the National Portrait Gallery commissioned us to recreate a famous Van Gogh painting in their collection as a living wall of plants outside their famous building on Trafalgar Square.
First we created a computer layout breaking down Van Gogh’s painting into colour sections. Then the expert botanists at ANS selected flower and foliage plants to match each colour cell. Next we grew all the plants needed in our nurseries and delivered them to Trafalgar Square in time to plant the massive screen installed outside the gallery.
Using our clever modular system, our horticulturalists quickly planted the screen following the colour plan . . . and stood back to see how it looked!

Watch the clip, see how we did it and enjoy the stunning results!