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Thumbnail showing the ANS Living Wall SketchUp Models
Living Wall SketchUp Models

Download our three most popular SketchUp modules.  These include an empty ANS Living Wall Module™, plus one with interior plants and the other with planting commonly used in exterior planting. These models are fully customisable and the full range are available on the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Brand Guidelines

Our brand identity is the foundation of our visual communications, ensuring a consistent style that inspires our audience and aids our customer’s journey.  Our brand guidelines are a complete guide to our brand and how to use it.

ANS School Education Pack

Arming children with the facts, figures and potential solutions to make a positive impact, this pack has been created to inspire the next generation of green ambassadors by demonstrating how they can live, interact and protect the natural world and the health of those who live in it by harnessing the power of nature.  There's also a chance to win their very own piece of nature!

ANS Living Wall Product Guide

This guide covers everything from the build up of the ANS Living Wall system to the advantages of various living wall systems, design considerations and plant choices.

ANS Living Wall CAD DWG Files

Included in this package is a range of DWG files providing CAD users with the ANS Living Wall™ details for use in drawings.  Included within are various methods of fixing the system to substructures. For advice on use please get in touch.

ANS Living Wall Architects Specification

Architects can quickly and easily specify the ANS Living Wall System with this document.  Full technical details of the entire system included.

ANS Living Divider Product Guide

Introducing a natural solution to creating places where people feel safe whilst optimising the space you have available.

ANS GrufeKit Product Guide

This guide introduces the ANS Grufe Kit living roof kit and covers instalation, planting options and accesories.

ANS Global Logo & Brand elements

The logo is an important foundation of our brand identity and a visual representation of our company, services and most importantly – our personality. This download includes logos suitable for print and digital applications.

ANS Global Brochure 2020

We have compiled our favourite case studies with detail of the client’s background and the scope of works.  With each living wall project we have specified the number of plant species and the size of the living wall, coupled with beautiful shots of the finished wall.  You can view this brochure online.