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Living walls have become a global phenomenon. There is now a global living wall provider in multiple locations all over the world, reflecting the desire of modern organisations to create healthy, green spaces inside and outdoors. Technology may be continuously evolving, but man still craves a back-to-nature experience. We want to feel “at one” with nature, which is why living wall installations are so popular.

In many countries, a lack of vegetation – and rainfall to sustain vegetation – is a real problem. Living wall installations can transform a desolate space, urban wasteland, and arid environment with lush foliage and colourful plants. The transformation is truly remarkable.

We have installed living walls all over the world and now have a network of certified living wall installers capable of creating any eco-architecture solution to suit your requirements.


Cyprus has benefitted from living wall installations. One of our most successful living wall Cyprus projects was at the Neapolis University in Paphos. The students helped to design the wall, as well as choose the plants.


Ireland has the perfect climate for growing vegetation, so plants tend to thrive there. It’s the perfect place for a living wall and we have created eco-architecture solutions indoors and outdoors at the Facebook offices, the FitBit offices, and the Moyo Salon, all in Dublin.

New Zealand

New Zealand is also famous for its lush, rich vegetation, so our urban landscaping projects in this amazing country needed to be special to stand out. One of our most famous living wall New Zealand projects is at Christchurch Airport. The installation welcomes tourists on South Island and brings the airport to life in a truly unique way. Another successful project, the living wall at the George Hotel, enhances the ambiance of this luxury hotel and creates a backdrop guests will never forget.


Portugal has a warm, Mediterranean climate, so plants thrive in the hot sun. We created a stunning vertical garden in some luxury villas in Faro. We were able to use a wide selection of plants for this living wall Portugal project, which allowed for a beautiful, flexible design.

South Africa

Living wall installations in South Africa offer an important counterpoint to the urban hustle and bustle of city life. Our successful living wall projects in South Africa have created a serene, back to nature feel in the middle of the city. Living walls have proven to be especially popular in Cape Town’s central business district, where several upmarket hotels, including the Century City Hotel, opted for a living wall to add a contemporary feel to the décor.

The United Arab Emirates  

Urban landscaping is an important part of the government’s city development plans in the United Arab Emirates. Despite the extreme climate in the Gulf region, we have managed to successfully install many living walls. They improve energy efficiency, absorb pollution, and act as a noise filter. Successful living wall United Arab Emirates projects include the Prestigious Hotel, the Office of the Future, and the living wall at the Dubai Properties Group.

Other locations for living walls include Armenia, the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, The Netherlands, UK, Bahrain, Austria, Germany, and Denmark.

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