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Green Roof Case Study

St George's House

150m² - 300m²
1 week
Client background: 

Now providing Grade A office accommodation to over 50 companies, St George's House has been refurbished including a contemporary entrance and reception and a new car park.

Scope of works: 

Made up of mostly brick and situated in a built-up area, there is no diversion from harsh surfaces on or around the building.  Making the whole concept a little more easy-on-the-eye for the occupants and creating a sense of health and well-being, we used our sedum GrufeTiles and sedum and wildflower GrufeTiles to create an impression of flower beds in the car park.  Now when the office workers look down from the building they are able to appreciate nearly 200 square metres of greenery!

Using our sedum and wildflower means that by the spring the 'flower beds' will have burst into a riot of colour - adding another dimension to the green infrastructure and bringing biodiverse benefits to the area too.

Case Study Location

St Georges House
St Georges Road
SW19 4DR
United Kingdom