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Project Overview

This multi-storey carpark based in Sunderland has been planted with over 51,000 plants. The plant palette includes a number of beneficial species like Cotoneaster coral beauty and Escallonia red dream to improve air quality and enhance biodiversity.

Client - Sunderland City Council

Architect - Tonkin Liu Architects

Contractor - Sir Robert McAlpine

Featured Solutions:

  • ANS Living Wall System (Exterior)


  • 550 m2

Project Drivers


Air Quality


from the ground image of farringdon

What people say...

There has been some great feedback on this project! Here are just some of the comments we received:

"The living wall is yet another stunning addition to our city centre and we are absolutely thrilled to see it finally take shape"

“It is a perfect example of how development can be both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. The project has been a real joy to be involved in."

builders standing by the wall

Blending in

Aiming to reduce emissions as well as looking stunning, Mr Miller said the that it would 'blend' into its natural surroundings, all of which are also hoping to improve the air quality.