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Client Background

This two-storey warehouse which held a former mirror workshop has been redeveloped into a sleek and futuristic office space for Plantworks, the internal of which we worked on, and you can view here.  We worked with Marek Wojciechowski Architect to integrate the greening features, including the external living wall.

Featured Solution

  • ANS Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     40m²

Project Drivers




living green wall installed around windows

A welcome surprise

The 40m² evergreen living wall around the angled recessed windows creates a stunning contrast to the surrounding brickwork and produces purple and white flowers (Geraniums and Gallium odorata) in the warmer months.

flowering living wall around windows on side of a building

Situated in the London Borough of Camden, it’s a welcome surprise to see such an abundance of greenery, and provides a fitting build-up to the interior space…