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Who leads the tours?

Our nursery tours are usually led by Steve McIntyre, our Principal Urban Environment Consultant.  His extensive horticultural knowledge and experience working with living walls and green roofs through the end-to-end process makes for an interesting time.

What does it involve?

This is a great chance to get a unique look into the process of delivering greening systems to high-performing schemes.

Led by our most experienced member of the team, you’ll get an insight into the process from initial design, to planting, establishment, installation and irrigation, and details on what maintenance involves.  On the day you’ll see how the modules are planted up, thousands of square metres of living walls growing before they are delivered to site, and many, many of our GrufeTiles! 

Here's a video to give you a better look.

Book a date with us for a look into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to enable us to deliver our promise of greening our future.

How many can join?

We welcome anyone, whether it’s just you or a whole group.  Just let us know.


Aldingbourne Nurseries, Church Road, Aldingbourne, Chichester, PO20 3TU, UK