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Where can you install a living canvas?

Hotels & Resorts

Breathe life into your hotel with a classy ANS LivingCanvas.

An ANS LivingCanvas in use at a hotel with interior plants and placed on a brown painted wall with matching leather furniture.
ANS LivingCanvas units in use in an office breakout area on a white wall.

Office Breakout Areas

Give office workers a change of environment with a touch of nature.

Sweet Dreams

Install at home in your bedroom or set your hotel apart with a living artwork in every room.

ANS LivingCanvas in a hotel bedroom above a double-bed placed on a black stained wood backing.
An office kitchen with bright orange painted walls and an ANS LivingCanvas with lush tropical plants.

Eat your greens

Transform your office kitchen with a living artwork, or grow your own herbs in it!

Awash with plants

Integrate plants into washrooms and hotel bathrooms and bring a touch of the tropics!

A luxury hotel bathroom with a bath, mirror and ANS LivingCanvas placed on a black tiled wall.
Two ANS LivingCanvas units on a black painted wall in a hotel reception area.

Making an entrance

Impress your guests from the start with an impressive display in your reception area.