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Living Wall Application

Commercial Building Facades & Carparks

With brands becoming increasingly assessed on their commitment to sustainability, there is no better visual demonstration of a company’s positive contribution to the environment and well being than a living wall.

Installing a living wall isn’t just nice to look at. They can help position your company as one that is respectful of the environment and committed to improving the world’s future. Often, the public aren’t aware of the efforts made by companies when it comes to protecting the environment. There may be policies to peruse on their website, but the main initiatives remain hidden, as a lot of these policies are put into practice behind the scenes. With living walls, the commitment is there for all to see.

Living wall on Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer lead the retail industry with their 'Plan A' sustainability policy, be sure to look at the six stores that we have transformed for them.

Living wall and green roof gardens london

Clever building design can transform a wasted roof space into an outdoor breakout area, with living walls providing space-saving planting. Read more about this example - Moor Place.

A living wall can be a real brand statement: It can create a relaxing retail environment, add a touch of eco-luxury to hotels, restaurants and other leisure venues and improve the well-being of hospital patients, whilst making the building more welcoming and calming.

Interior living walls at your workplace can increase productivity too. As well as showing a commitment to the environment, brands can also demonstrate their focus on the health and wellbeing of their employees by installing a living wall.

So, if you own your own business or are part of the specification process at your place of work, why not consider a living wall and make a big brand statement that differentiates you from your competitors – you can even have you brand logo integrated into the wall!