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Living Wall Application

Hotels & Resorts

Whether you have a large resort or a small hotel, it is important to leave guests with a positive impression.  While a guests overall impression is impacted by every touchpoint, the facilities are of primary importance. The installation of a living wall can have wide-reaching effect to the architecture.

Guests feelings can be formed subconsciously by impacting their five senses.  

  • Look: Set your hotel apart with a stunning visual feature.
  • Smell: Living walls reduce dust in the indoor environment making the air feel fresher.
  • Taste: Herbs can be grown in a living wall and used in cocktails or meals.
  • Touch: Consider inviting guests to pick flowers from the living wall to take to their room in a small vase.
  • Listen: A living wall also acts as a natural sound barrier giving a calming effect.
green wall systems for hotels

Water features and swimming pools can be enhanced by the addition of a living wall. While relaxing poolside guests can enjoy the privacy provided by a green wall screening them from view as well as the natural beauty of the plants.

green walls for atriums

Guests form their impression of the hotel in the first few moments so it is critical to impress them. A living wall in the entrance hall is both inviting and stunning. Atmospheric lighting can add further impact.