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Living Wall Application


Leafy greens take on a whole new meaning when we bring our living walls to kitchens. We’ve installed specially designed living walls in caterers’ head offices, commercial kitchens and domestic kitchens as well as in cafés and restaurants. 

In commercial settings, nothing makes an impression like it. What better way to dine than in a relaxed atmosphere with fresh air being produced by live plants. Living walls expertly complement artisanal eateries, bringing a touch of luxury and creating a definite talking point. Whether as an edible living wall or one that provides the kitchen with the herbs and garnish needed for the next dish. 

You can also bring our stunning displays to your home. Whether it be an accent or a feature wall, we’ll plan and install the perfect wall that you’ll love.

And best of all, with irrigation and drainage concealed within, this is one low maintenance feature that will wow for years to come.