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Living Wall Application

Retail Stores and Shopping Malls

Shopping malls need more footfall and retail stores want more shoppers. So amaze visitors with stunning living walls. Living walls enhance and extend a shoppers experience making them spend more.  Shopping is becoming more and more about the experience. Living walls raise the standard of the retail store which will allow stores to increase prices and bring in more revenue.

A living wall on the outside of a retail hair salon

This Hair Salon in Dublin struggled to attract footfall as they didn't stand out from the hotel building next door.  Following the installation of the living wall they experienced a 40% increase in sales the following year.

A living wall inside a 'The Body Shop' store

Make the living wall central to your shopper’s experience.  The Body Shop included herbs from around the world planted in the shape of a world map, they then invited shoppers to pick herbs and find the soap using that natural product!