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Living Wall Case Study

Bird Street

1m² - 25m²
1 week
Bird Street Living Wall London
Bird Street London Sign with Living wall planting surround
Visualisation for the smart street scheme
Paving that generates power on smart street in London
Client background: 

This scheme is London's first sustainable smart street.  The scheme includes a number of futuristic sustainability technologies, including paving that generates electricity which is used in real time to power speakers playing the sound of bird song, or to power lighting in the evening and night time.  There are a number of air purification measures, including the living wall.

Scope of works: 

ANS Global were chosen to install the living wall as part of the improvement process to the street, the wall includes over 2,200 plants to improve the air quality, give a green backdrop and showcase a modern greening technology.

Case Study Location

Bird Street,
United Kingdom