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Living Wall Case Study

Great Western Quarter

25m² - 150m²
4-8 weeks
An 8-Storey Tall Interior Living Wall
The Interior Living Wall being lit up with Living Wall lights
The Interior Living Wall standing tall in Barratt Homes Offices
The ANS Team working on scaffolding to erect the Living Wall
The ANS Team constructing the Giant Living Wall
Interior Living Wall Design
Client background: 

Barratt Homes is the market-leading residential developer in London. With over 30 years of experience it has literally helped shape one of the world’s most exciting, diverse and dynamic cities. Barratt designs, builds and sells complex residential-led developments tailored to the needs of its customers and stakeholders, as well as to the needs of local boroughs and communities. Have built a strong international reputation thanks to their exceptional build quality, thoughtful design, the way in which they work to inspire strong local communities, all with unbeatable customer service. Barratt has crafted its portfolio to provide homes for all Londoners, from state-of-the-art apartments and penthouses in Westminster to riverside communities in Fulham, and complex mixed-use regeneration schemes in Hendon.

Scope of works: 

ANS Global was extremely excited at the prospect of working with Barratt, largely because this project would be our biggest interior wall installed to date. Stretching over eight floors high, the living wall consists of 880 modules containing over 20 different species of plants. By the time the living wall was installed, the project was well on its way to completion with all the timber surrounds and décor installed; this meant that Motor Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s) could not be used for the install. Thankfully, ANS Global always provide solutions to any challenge, so the living wall was installed by a team of abseillers! Coupled with a team working on the ground and from a scaffold tower, the whole installation (including first fix) was completed within three weeks. As with any living wall installation, maintenance is vital to the ongoing success of the wall, and a team will regularly visit to carry out routine tasks. Once or twice a year, abseillers will scale the wall to replace any plants, and check the plants for pests and diseases.

Case Study Location

Clayponds Lane
United Kingdom