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Living Wall Case Study

Khalifa Avenue

300m² +
12+ weeks
Client background: 

With our certified partners in Qatar, Nakheel Landscapes, we worked on the technical details of the installation, design and supply of the ANS Living Wall System to suit the exact requirements of the client and the extreme nature of the climate and location.

Scope of works: 

Lining the sloping sides of a major elevated road interchange in lush greenery, this living wall covered over 7,000 square metres.  A stark contrast to the surrounding environment, where temperatures reach over 50 degrees Celsius in the summer, humidity levels fluctuate between 30% and 90% and a UV index that often exceeds 11.

This is a stunning project that truly highlights the versatility of a natural system based on soil, where we can be more flexible in design and therefore plant selection, creating installations that flourish in harsher climates.  Nature's way proves to be the most resilient.