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Living Wall Case Study

Melissa Galeria

1m² - 25m²
Less than a week
Melissa Galeria store in Covent Garden, London with a green wall reflected in two mirrors with jelly shoe products on display
The Melissa Galeria store before the living walls were installed
The payment desk in Melissa with the green wall planting behind it and mirrors each side
Client background: 

Melissa is a pioneering brand in jelly shoes and fashion accessories.  Their Galeria (concept store) in Covent Garden, London is described as a meeting place for fashion, art and design.  They wanted to add a lush green backdrop to transform the space and give a unique retail experience.

Scope of works: 

The ANS Global team installed the two living walls during the night to prevent disruption to the stores opening hours. The walls provide a stunning green display with 8 species of interior plants including Ficus pumila 'Green Sunny', Philodendron scandens (heart-leaf) and Adiantum raddianum 'Fragrans' fern.

Case Study Location

43 King St,
United Kingdom
The work completed by ANS Global was great, all of their team were very helpful and supported us every time we had doubts about the process. We are very happy with our new green wall, Galeria Melissa now looks different and new! - Tatiane De Conto, Manager