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Living Wall Case Study

New Street Station

300m² +
12+ weeks
Client background: 

Network Rail took over the running of Britain’s rail infrastructure with a mandate from the Government to improve rail safety. As over 140,000 passengers pass through Birmingham New Street Station each day, Network Rail felt that the passengers deserved more space and improved transport connections. Therefore, the station underwent considerable refurbishment and is now three and a half times bigger, transforming it into a world-class destination.

Scope of works: 

The redevelopment of Birmingham New Street Station was an ideal opportunity to transform it into a place that passengers could feel safe and reflect upon its modern and forward thinking architecture. ANS Global was approached to construct an 83m long living wall meant to bring ecological biodiversity to the station and create a habitat for local wildlife. A curvilinear and informal pattern including flowers in blue, purple, pink, white and yellow have been used to provide a verdant and eye-catching installation, whilst providing planting for bees and butterflies. The plants used are mainly evergreen, but hints of deciduous species such as snowdrops and wild strawberries have been included to create additional colour and interest from late winter to mid-summer.

Case Study Location

Smallbrook Queensway
West Midlands
B2 4ND
United Kingdom
Visitors to the New Street Station have been stunned by the living wall; it’s huge! The unique design creates a fantastic feature for the development – enhancing the public realm, making it a pleasant and relaxing space for people to enjoy.