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Living Wall Case Study

Office of the Future

1m² - 25m²
1 week
A living wall in the office of the future
A 3D printed office
Plants bordering a meeting room in an office
A 3D printed office in Dubai
Corporate living wall in the office of the future
A picture of Dubai
Client background: 

The building is the first of its kind in the world, using 3D printed technology to showcase innovation and design worldwide. 

The office space covers up to 250 square metres, while the exterior design reflects the most innovative forms of future work place. The design has been conceived to achieve a shift from the traditional form of work environments and provide greater opportunities to stimulate innovation and communication between work place teams. It also offers the possibilities for joint work with experts and innovators from around the world, and a platform to inspire ideas and develop relations between employees by establishing new methods for brainstorming sessions and creating a healthy and happy environment. The design also offers space for exhibitions and workshops as well as other events.

Scope of works: 

The 3D-printed office was constructed using a special mixture of cement and a set of building material designed and made in the UAE and the United States.  These materials have undergone a range of tests in both China and the United Kingdom to ensure their reliability. An arc shape was adopted for the building for safety purposes and to ensure the stability of the building.

Innovative features have been adopted in the office building to reduce energy consumption such as window shades to offer protection from direct sunlight and keep the building cool. Latest technology has been used in the management of information systems within the building.

Two living walls were installed with Philodendron plants to create a natural feel to the internal landscaping of the site.  A maintenance package was also taken up for the site, a dedicated team of specialist operatives carry out maintenance out of hours.

Case Study Location

Emirates Towers
Sheikh Zayed Road
United Arab Emirates