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Living Wall Case Study

Pershore College

1m² - 25m²
1 week
living wall inside the pershore offices image
ANS team planting plants
A picture of Pershore College
An interior living wall in Pershore College
A close up of a living wall
A living wall installation in progress
Client background: 

When Pershore College decided to get a living wall at their premises in Worcestershire, ANS Global was their top choice.  Being a horticultural college, the primary reason for the wall was to provide an additional resource for its students, and at the same time create a striking interior feature in the reception area to be enjoyed by students, staff and visitors alike.

 As a college with horticulture as its specialism, it is important for Pershore’s students to have as much day-to-day interaction with nature as possible.  There is a large greenhouse on the front of the college building housing multiple species of flowers and plants to aid students’ learning, as well as a state-of-the-art computer and controlled heating and lighting to maintain the optimum greenhouse climate.  However, with its curtain walling façade the greenhouse appears as a standard building from the outside with students having to make an intended trip to reap the benefits.

Scope of works: 

Conversely, the living wall is a talking point; on display for all to see, bringing nature indoors and providing freshness and life to an otherwise utilitarian indoor area.

John Farmer, Commercial and Horticultural Resources Manager at Pershore College, commented:  “The addition of the living wall is turning out to be a great success as it provides immediate visibility and access to a diversity of plants, bringing aesthetic benefits to all.  More crucially, the wall acts as a link between prospective employers and the students - particularly those who are interested in the living walls industry as a potential career”.

The wall, which currently contains nine different plant species, has been designed to appear three-dimensional whilst incorporating a variety of textures for maximum contrast and vitality.  The living wall’s contents are currently being grown in Pershore College’s greenhouse so that replacements can be transferred on demand and with minimal fuss.

Scott Anderson, Director at ANS Global, said: “Pershore College was a really interesting project to work on, as being horticulturists themselves they really know their stuff; and were therefore heavily involved in the plant selection process.  However, this does not take away from the level of impact and pleasure a living wall can bring to anyone who comes into contact with it.  Although nature and plants are a way of life for staff and students at Pershore, the ‘wow factor’ that comes when clapping eyes on an indoor green wall is still very much apparent”.

Case Study Location

WR10 3JP
United Kingdom
ANS Global has been fantastic to work with on this project providing constant support throughout the installation period and beyond