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Living Wall Case Study

Sutherland Building, Northumbria University

150m² - 300m²
2 weeks
Client background: 

We worked with ESH Construction to deliver this living wall to it's high standard and provide an element of biophilic design to the students and staff at the university.  ESH is a company that is has a very community-focused approach to construction, supporting the local economy and environment - something that is important to us!

Scope of works: 

Having installed a living wall on the same campus in 2017, we were chosen to install another living wall based on a very different design.  This impressive living facade included bird and bat boxes to bring a bit of biodiversity to the campus and create a home for the local wildlife.

Case Study Location

Sutherland Building ABE, Northumbria University
Northumbria University
Ellison Yard
Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom