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Living Wall Case Study

Synlait Milk

25m² - 150m²
1 week
Office living wall overlooking a staircase
Synlait Milk interior living wall in the office
Close up of structural beam surrounded by living wall
Interior living wall overlooking the office
Client background: 

Based in Canterbury, Synlait combine expert farming, with state-of-the-art processing, to produce a range of nutritional milk products that provide genuine benefits for human health and wellbeing. In Synlait’s world-class processing facilities, Synlait maintain control over the quality of milk supply, milk processing and market distribution to provide their customers with assurance about food safety, security and traceability.

Scope of works: 

The living wall, installed by Oasis, stretches two stories and provides a seamless connection between the reception and the upstairs offices. With a unique design throughout the complex to mirror the landscape of the Canterbury Plains, the living wall incorporates the shapes of the landscape while including areas of native species. Oasis maintains the living wall several time a year, achieving a consistent canvas of lush and vibrant green.

Case Study Location

1028 Heslerton Rd
Rakaia 7783
New Zealand
The wall looks so healthy and our staff are always chatting about the different plants and shapes. Having hundreds of plants are purifying the air in our office is so amazing, thank you!