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Living Wall Case Study


1m² - 25m²
1 week
Client background: 

T-Mobile is one of Hungary’s leading ICT providers, and they connect to their customers’ lives in a million ways. Phone, broadband, TV and ICT: they have a high quality, reliable and unique service that not only aspires to lead, but to form the market.

Scope of works: 

Working with our Slovakian distributor, this living Wall was designed, supplied and installed into T-Mobile’s headquarters in Budapest. Due to the busy nature of the office, the living wall and the surrounding framework all had to be installed during the night hours. All of the irrigation controllers and components are housed in the cavity behind the living walls. Whilst the area is mainly used as a break-out area, it is also used for the occasional conference and exhibition. The living walls naturally provide a stunning back-drop and centrepiece to the room!

Case Study Location