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Living Wall Technical

Can living walls flourish in extreme climates?


A bespoke, organic substrate is selected to match the requirements for the native plant species that will be used in the wall.  For example, if we were installing a Living Wall in Doha, we would source the suitable substrate for the plant palette from the local area.  We work closely with our certified partners when we work globally, using our expertise and their local knowledge to form the best solution.

Water Management

The automated irrigation system (that is supplied with every Living Wall) is calibrated to suit the regions climate and seasonal changes.  In hotter, drier locations, it's not necessarily the case that we need to increase the amount of water used, but just the frequency (little and often).  Conscious of sustainabiliity, we aim to use the least amount of water possible to keep the living wall growing and looking lush.  That's why we have the in-house experts to advise on what these water levels should be!

Plant Selection

Working with the certified partner, we source the native plant species that suit the design, the climate and the light levels of the particular elevations.

We created the largest living wall in the world in an extreme climate! This highlights how using a 100% natural system and working with an experienced team ensures a successful long-term solution.