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Living Wall Technical

How does the irrigation work?

Every ANS LivingWall includes a built in irrigation system.  The irrigation pipes are hidden from view but fulfil a critical role. The supply of water to the wall is essential to healthy plant development. The back of each living wall module is kept moist facilitating the natural composting of mature roots. Harvested rainwater from the building roof can be used for the wall.

living wall irrigation system

Hidden irrigation system

Unlike some other living wall systems the ANS Living Wall system does not rely on artificial fertilizers being pumped through the wall constantly.  However the irrigation system can be used to add a natural fertiliser or organic pesticides throughout the whole wall if it is required as part of the maintenance package.

Our irrigation system is totally customisable to the climate, season, plant types and requirements of the specific living wall.  The system reduces water wastage as it includes natural soil and therefore allows plants to absorb water and nutrients naturally rather than keeping them alive with a frequent flow of water and nutrients. Our system will normally use only 1 to 1.5 litres of water per square meter each time the irrigation is applied.  This can be adjusted with more or less applications during the week depending on the season, climate and location of the green wall.