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Living Wall Technical

What are the possibilities for flowering plants, bulbs and perennials in living walls?

Living walls can include spring flowering bulbs and bring a touch of spring to the city without taking up floor space. Whether it’s for a small city terrace, a busy restaurant seating area or a large university façade, green walls provide a beautiful touch of nature.

Learn which plant species work in a living wall.

Case Study – Garden wall

This garden wall at a house in High Wycombe includes a stunning mix of plant types in our green wall system. Included in the planting palate are Petunia "Pink" and Iris foetidissima bulbs which come to life seasonally.  This adds seasonal interest and additional colour to the wall. 

Case Study – University of York

On a larger scale, at the University of York, our living wall system has been used to create a complete planted façade.  In much the same way, Hebe champagne ore and Erysimum lewisia cotyledon has been planted to give swathes of pink flowers.  These are perennials however rather than bulbs.

Not every living wall system can include bulbs, hydroponic systems (which use water and feed with a man-made substrate) cannot support them as they rot.  The ANS Living Wall however uses natural soil and therefore can support a wider range of plant species.  Using soil allows plants to grow naturally and lets nature take its course, as each season comes, the plants respond to nature just as they would in traditional planting.

See why choosing a natural soil green wall system is a better choice

Some bulbs and corms that we use in our planting include crocus, galanthus nivalis, narcissus, cyclamen.

To find out more about how the ANS Living Wall system can help your project, request a living wall consultation.