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Living Wall Technical

What makes the ANS Living Wall Module special?

The ANS Living Wall Module is central to the success of every green wall that we install.  Using a modular system means that the living wall can be installed pre-planted and therefore looks stunning on site instantly.

Green wall systems make it easy to design bespoke living walls both indoors and out, with your brand or design as well as being easy to maintain with irrigation systems completing the living wall modules. 

  • Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material
  • 8 modules per m²
  • No visual exposure of the module on the front
  • Fire rating - Class ‘A’
  • No man-made growing mediums, mineral wools or other fibres are used
  • 72kg per m²
  • Modules are planted and established prior to installation
  • Wind resistant to 140 mph
  • 10 year guarantee
  • 96 plants per m²
  • In extreme weather the module is designed to expand externally
  • 100 mm deep, 500 mm high, 250 mm wide
modular living wall

The ANS Living Wall Module

living wall systems

Central section is separate to allow for deeper root movement in the module.

modular living wall systems

The outer shell of the module acts as a root barrier preventing penetration.