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Creating Living Walls in Qatar with our partner Nakheel Landscapes

Sustainable architecture and green infrastructure is quickly picking up in Qatar, as developers, architects and designers are realising the potential of living green walls as long-term sustainable solutions.  Due to the area’s hot and dry climate, it has often been assumed that any greenery or lush foliage has to either to artificial or heavily maintained in order to survive. 

That’s where the ANS Living Wall System comes in, as we have designed the system so it can flourish anywhere in the world.  Find out where we've also installed around the world here.

Our aim is to bring Qatar alive inside and out, working closely with our Certified Partners to allow us to integrate our horticultural expertise with our partner’s local knowledge.

Get in touch and we can work together to develop your concept and make it a reality.

Nakheel Landscapes

Nakheel Landscapes

Get in touch

If you're looking for a Living Wall partner in Qatar, our Sales Director, Scott Anderson is the person to speak to.

Scott Anderson
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