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ANS Moss Art

High Impact

Texture and colour combine to create lasting depth and impact. Open up even more creative possibilities by using the natural beauty of real moss to decorate your walls with moss wall art.

moss art surrounding clocks on a wall
alternative moss art

Get creative

Over 20 colours available.  Added to its natural spectrum of greens, our cleverly colour-dyed moss makes an even wider palette to create unbeatable impact, yet the long lasting result requires virtually no maintenance at all.

Easy install

Large or small areas can be installed quickly with minimal fuss.  The unique texture of moss allows three dimensional sculpting, moulded forms, pillowed and rounded shapes as well as must-touch velvet softness.

soft moss art
Man using laptop with ANS Moss Art quotation on the screen

Further information

Contact us to get a price and further information about how ANS Moss Art can transform your space.