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25th April 2018

ANS Global Brochure Launch 2018

With two more years of experience behind us since our last brochure, we decided it was time for another.  The last couple of years have been full of new projects and opportunities, proving how our living walls flourish in a wide range of environments and applications from colleges and universities, to public infrastructure, private residences and carparks. 

In our brochure of 2018, we have compiled our favourite case studies with detail of the client’s background and the scope of works.  With each living wall project we have specified the number of plant species and the size of the living wall, coupled with beautiful shots of the finished wall.

Our aim is to freshly inspire and educate architects, contractors and proprietors alike to incorporate sustainable architecture.  Learn about how we are passionate about biophilic design and why we believe our living walls make such a difference.

Flick through our selection of case studies and learn more in the eight inspiration and advice articles which shed light on topics that need to be considered such as illuminating your living wall (pun intended!) and how to choose the perfect plant mix for your environment.

We’ve even included a glossary of terms to ensure you don’t miss out on understanding what our ANS Living Wall System could do for you.

So what are you waiting for!  Request a brochure and we will deliver free of charge to UK and Ireland.

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