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7th May 2019

CPD training with ANS Global

If you’re a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, you’re spending a minimum of 35 hours a year improving your knowledge of the industry. While 20 of these hours need to follow the CPD curriculum, you have 15 hours to learn about new technologies and best practices in any architectural specialism you wish. As one of the fastest-growing architecture movements in the 21st century, sustainable architecture is an excellent choice. ANS Global offer several opportunities for architects to partner with company members in order to earn CPD points. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Here’s how you can get involved.

What are your CPD options?

Sustainable architecture is one of the ten sections of the RIBA CPD core curriculum, so integrating your 15 hours of preferred topic with this compulsory element will give you an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the subject. This is a great way to stay on top of the industry’s latest developments and keep you at the forefront of architectural innovation.

CPD education is categorised by style of learning rather than subject matter, which allows you to tailor your work according to how you process information. ANS Global has a breakdown of the CPD curriculum and sustainable architecture resources that you can read here. At ANS Global, we understand that methods such as online videos and in-person presentations work better for some than others. We work hard to offer a variety of CPD resources so you can learn about our work through whatever method suits you best. Even reading our News section counts as CPD if it increases your understanding of the field! We have so many ways to share information about sustainable architecture, so make sure you explore our website and get in touch about your educational needs.

CPD in sustainable architecture

While there are many educational tools that will help you to give you a broad overview of sustainable architecture, many of ANS Global’s resources can be tailored toward improving your understanding of particular niches. We have spent years learning how to seamlessly integrate green elements into the built environment, so we have a lot of knowledge to share. You might already have a grasp on sustainable architecture as a whole, but want to learn more about specific features like green roofs or living walls. Perhaps you want to explore more hands-on examples of sustainable architecture; if that’s the case, we have countless case studies from our own interior and exterior installations. Our research includes the following:

We have published dozens of articles that address different topics within the sustainable architecture industry, which are perfect for CPD microlearning, or even general awareness. If you’d like to pursue a deeper understanding of these topics, our industry experts can connect you with educational resources.

Our architecture CPD service

ANS Global offers a CPD service to architects interested in sustainable architecture and green installations. Our training is offered free-of-charge and we can tailor our process according to your interests and CPD requirements. This is an excellent resource for architects who currently or are planning to install green features in their projects. Our years of experience means we’ve encountered many real-world obstacles and can teach you how to avoid and overcome any problems you may face. This service has been incredibly well-received so far and we’re always building better services based on our feedback.

We can also work with you to build your professional process so your work stands out from the crowd. We pay careful attention to every detail of our green installations and can show you what to be aware of when working with living walls and green roofs. Our tailored design packages can focus on practical aspects such as drainage and irrigation, or aesthetic aspects such as plant species and feature placement. We also provide many technical resources in line with CAD, BIM, and NBS so you can apply your new knowledge before your next project.

Online CPD resources

CPD training often has to be carefully arranged around a busy professional schedule, which can make it difficult for architects to attend in-person talks. This is why we also offer online CPD resources, allowing you to meet your educational requirements on your own schedule. Online resources give you the chance to learn at your own pace, pause when you need to, and break up a long lesson into manageable sections. You can read our article on online resources to see exactly what is available to you and make an informed decision. You can also use our CPD application form to book a CPD training session with an ANS Global professional. You can book a session for yourself or a group, online or offline.

Online resources such as articles, videos, and ways to connect with professionals can be found across the ANS Global website, so make sure to explore and see what you’d like to learn more about. Features like green roofs and living walls are growing more popular every day, so now is a great time to learn how sustainable architecture is developing and affecting the world’s environments.

CPD is a fundamental part of an architect’s professional development, and developing alongside a growing area like sustainable architecture is a great way of becoming a key part of innovative projects. ANS Global offers a wide variety of CPD training resources, whether you want to undertake them as part of the CPD core curriculum or explore the industry further. Make sure to check out our case studies to see the kind of work you can learn about, and our articles to see how this work impacts the environment and local communities. Whether you prefer to learn online or offline, need microlearning or deep knowledge, we’re looking forward to working with you on meeting your RIBA CPD requirements.

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