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10th October 2019

CPD via Zoom: decreasing our carbon footprint

At ANS Global, we believe in sharing our knowledge of sustainable design and creating an eco-friendly future for British architecture. One of the main ways we share our knowledge is through CPD services, which we provide to individuals and teams looking to meet their CPD curriculum requirements. We offer these services free of charge, and have always co-ordinated with firms to send our subject matter experts to your premises. Now, ANS Global offer a new way to improve your industry knowledge: CPD via Zoom, the online video platform.

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool that can be used for multi-media webinars like ours. Zoom allows us to deliver lectures and hold discussions via video, share multimedia presentations, and discuss questions with webinar attendees.

CPD delivered through Zoom offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional seminars. Instead of travelling to each practice, we can hold a live online session where everyone can learn from the comfort of their office.

The future of CPD

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) requires each chartered member to spend 35 hours per year on CPD; half must be structured learning, and at least 20 hours must be used to cover ten mandatory topics. Architects must rank their learning activities with points according to how much they learned, and must earn a minimum of 100 points per year. At ANS Global, we have designed our CPD via Zoom to simultaneously meet as many of these requirements as possible.

Sustainable architecture is one of RIBA’s ten mandatory CBD topics, so all ANS Global CPD sessions cover this requirement. All of our presentations are structured, and we tailor our services according to your learning needs.

How does CPD via Zoom work?

If you’re interested in organising CPD for yourself or your team, get in touch with us to discuss your educational needs. We’ll tailor our CPD according to your preferred topic, course length, and depth of learning. This ensures that our course fulfils as many of your CPD requirements as possible.

Once we know what you’d like to learn, we organise how the session will be conducted. We work with your team’s CPD co-ordinator to find a date and time that suits all attendees. Once this has been decided, you’ll receive a Zoom invite with a video conference link. This link will become active when the course starts, all you’ll need to do is click it to enter the conference!

A step in the right direction

As countries around the world declare a climate emergency, we believe it’s more important than ever to lower emissions. Implementing changes wherever possible can make a significant difference to a company’s emission levels. At ANS Global, we have made the following changes to lower our emissions and help others do the same:

  • We have installed green roofs in sites across the UK, including office buildings, residential areas, and even train stations. These green roofs absorb pollutants, pump oxygen into the local environment, and provide greenery for local wildlife.
  • We have installed internal and external living walls in hundreds of offices across the UK and around the world. These features create cleaner air, lower office emissions, and have been proven to have a positive effect on employees’ wellbeing.
  • Our green installations are often used in urban environments where traditional planting methods aren’t possible. Ground space is often dedicated to buildings, but living walls and green roofs are creative ways of adding plant life to these spaces and lessening the urban heat island effect.
  • We now offer CPDs via Zoom, lowering the emissions usually created by educational events. With CPD via Zoom, professionals from around the globe can learn about sustainable architecture without any additional travel.