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19th July 2018

How long does a living wall last?

The survival of your living wall, or the extent to which it will flourish is dependent on two main points:


This is the final, and perhaps the most important part of the process of a living wall.  Our specialist maintenance team tailor each schedule based on the location, aspect, plant mix, light levels and seasonal changes. 

Our in-house expert maintenance team carry out a range of tasks, from removing weeds to replacing selected plants and providing any plants with specialised treatment if necessary.

The bespoke maintenance schedule ensures the overall health and stable growing conditions that allow your living wall to flourish and blossom throughout the seasons, ensuring a stunning visual impact all year round!

ANS Living Wall System

At ANS Global we believe in making living wall systems based on nature which is why we have designed our organic soil modular system

Unlike a pocket living wall system, the dividing part in the module is separate and moves, which allows the plants roots to migrate around the entire module. The plants are planted in an organic substrate and in time the plants roots will regenerate as part of their natural process. As the plants roots mature they die and fresh root growth will push out, and as the old roots disintegrate they provide natural nutrients for the plant.

With every project, we provide a fully integrated irrigation system.  If there is an issue with the irrigation system, a system that uses natural soil can last for weeks.  The plants might suffer, but will not die as the soil protects the root system.  In a hydroponic system a failure of the irrigation means cutting off the plants lifeline of feed, when you cut the supply it means devastation for all of the plants in the green wall in a matter of days.

Our understanding that nature’s way is best means our living walls last longer.