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1st September 2014

An instant paradise in the city

Most gardens take days, weeks or months to plant up and years to mature and achieve the look you were aiming for. An external green wall will take rather less time. Our installation team was in Milton Keynes recently to transform one resident’s outdoor terrace into a beautifully verdant, peaceful place. Two walls totalling 10m²flank the main patio area. Each is now home to a custom-built green wall featuring an array of evergreen plants punctuated by flowering specimens including tiarella wherryii, epimedium, hackonechloa macra and several hostas.

Within eight hours the previously somewhat stark outside space was alive with colour. Not only will the green wall play an important role in the urban ecosystem, freshen the air and provide that instant sense of calm that all plants are shown to project, but this particular garden will need absolutely minimal maintenance and yet look fantastic all year round