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3rd March 2017

Nature brings seasonal changes to cities

In stark contrast, the half of the world’s population that lives in cities will hardly notice this change.  It might be getting warmer outside, but the endless grey of the urban landscape shows no sign of life waking up with the seasons.  The theory of biophilia suggests that humans have an innate connection to nature, the coming of spring causes nature to wake up and this can have an effect of us making us more awake and happier.

Living walls bloom with spring growth

The burst of life that spring brings can be added to the bleakest urban areas. A living wall makes use of an existing building façade and clads it in a living breathing ecosystem. As can be seen in this example of the ANS Living Wall at the University of York, the bulbs planted in the living wall form swathes of pink flowers.

In autumn, the leaves of specific plant types in the living wall will change colour much like those of deciduous trees.  We make sure the living wall has sufficient evergreen planting to still give coverage and look stunning at all times of year.

Green roofs provide pollen

While many roofs might not be seen, the addition of a green roof will give a number of improvements.  As the sedum flowers or wildflowers on the roof open in spring they provide a source of nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects.  The plants also help purify the air; if spring is in the air, it should be clean air!

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