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16th May 2018

School Trip to ANS Global

ans global staff talking to school children

At ANS Global, we believe it’s important to teach kids the importance of nature and the environment as early as possible.

This is why, on Friday 13th, we hosted a school trip for a group of children aged 7-12 to try and give an insight into the process of designing, planting and installing living walls and the effects adding greenery to urban areas has not only on the environment and our eco-systems, but our health too.

As their ‘tour guide’ Steve energetically showed the kids around, explaining and answering questions, the children were amazed at the technical system for irrigation that allows each plant to grow and stay healthy.  Young plants were handed out and dissected by the kids, following a read of a short ‘How do plants grow’ booklet.  Did you know that an established Oak tree can drink 200 gallons of water a day?

Helped by Scott, Steve and our nursery planters, the children learned how to follow a planting design in order to plant up modules which would then be put together for their very own living wall.  This living wall was recently installed in the school’s outdoor entrance area allowing all students and staff to experience the benefits of a living wall in person.  Strawberry plants were included in the design, so once the plants are more established, the living wall will grow wild strawberries!