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27th January 2020

What we've achieved in a year.

2019 has been our biggest and most inspiring year out of all our 12 years of working in this sector of greening our spaces inside and out.

We’ve seen the market move and shift over the years, with the last 3 years being the most significant in the change from design-led, to environmental and cause-driven decisions.  As well as social awareness, policy has played a large role in green infrastructure and biophilic design being increasingly specified and incorporated into schemes.  2019 has seen us work closely with policy, planners and councils, in view of transforming our urban spaces to become healthier, happier and safer areas.

Launching our CPDs via Zoom has had a massive effect on the amount we travel.  In total we’ve saved 5,342 travel miles in 2019 through hosting a percentage of our CPDs online.  That means that on average, we’ve prevented 2,195,562 grams of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.  We hope to do better this year as we improve our online service and encourage more architect practices to join us in our efforts!

We installed approximately 200 living walls inside and out in the UK in 2019.  In total we designed, supplied and installed 6247m2 of living wall all over the world, working directly in the UK, and with our distributors in Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, Dubai and New Zealand.  That's 49,976 modules and over 599,714 plants.

The Highlights

Chiswick Oasis

By far our most inspiring project from the year: we worked with dedicated parent and initiator of the 'Chiswick Oasis' campaign at St Mary's Primary School to make the school safer and healthier for the children, using a large living wall and ivy screens to trap and prevent harmful pollutants from getting into the children's playground.  Supported by celebrities and Sadiq Khan, this has become an aspirational project for many other schools in the UK!

School Education Pack

Inspired by the work at St Mary's School, we set out to educate, enable and empower children across the world.  Educating on the issues surrounding air quality, enabling them to find out more on the solutions available, and empowering them to find and create their own solutions, we created our own Schools Education Pack which is available to download...

2020 is already looking to be a great year, with more people on board with bringing nature and greenery back to our cities and biophilic design to our internal spaces. 

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