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Other Services

Here at ANS Global we specialise in living walls, green roof kits, preserved moss artwork and living canvases.  However we also supply a few other products, this includes artificial green walls, a traditional green roof system and planters.

Bespoke planters on a roof

Bespoke Planters

On some occasions we have supplied or recommended other trusted suppliers of planters to complement our living walls.

Artificial green walls

Sometimes other constraints mean that lighting is not sufficient to support a real living wall.  Furthermore, some clients just want the aesthetic impact of a living wall, but don’t want the ongoing maintenance consideration.  In these situations an artificial green wall is great choice. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Artificial green wall installation
FabriGrufe in use


For huge green roof projects it can be more cost effective to switch from our green roof kit to a built up component system.  This is also great where large plant species such as trees need additional soil depth.  FabriGrufe combines the benefits of a modular green roof with the bespoke nature of a built up system.

Wire System

On some projects we have used a wire system to train trailing plants into a vertical green screen.

Wire System green wall fencing
Living Canvas

Living Canvas

Living Canvas is a creative way to create original artwork with living plants, providing an alternative to the generic prints and canvases in offices whilst incorporating biophilic design.

Moss Art

Be imaginative with the variety of colours and designs that are possible with moss art to create an impact.

Small moss wall in a living area