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Why a Living Canvas?

Easy maintenance

The hidden integral water tanks only need refilling every 6 weeks, making maintenance trouble-free even in commercial locations.

Simple DIY install

Delivered as a kit with clear instructions means that the living canvas is the perfect DIY home improvement project.

Minimum water usage

The intuitive irrigation system means that the plants are never over or under watered. They take as much water as they need to stay healthy.

Living Canvas

ANS Living Canvas Product Guide 2021

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Bespoke in every way

Range of sizes

With over four different sizes you can get creative and choose a frame and orientation that compliments the space.

Design flexibility

The extensive plant palette available means you can combine different colours and textures to create a unique interior design statement.  Plants can be easily changed for health or a design refresh.

Bespoke printing

Any image, brand statement or pattern can be printed onto the frame of the living canvas for a stunning impact.

Easy to maintain

Modular system

Set within a picture frame, our clever modular system means pre-grown plants can be inserted and removed easily to create instant impact or to refresh or change the design wherever it is needed.

Living Canvas

Integral water tank

Our hidden water tanks are especially clever: they only need refilling every 6 weeks, making maintenance of a constantly fresh, healthy display trouble-free even in commercial locations.

Watering can indicator

Subtle watering-can signals when the water tank is running low.

Easy access

The frame of the ANS Living Canvas doubles up as an integral water reservoir.

Simple top up

Topping up the water reservoir is very simple and mess free with the funnel provided.

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