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Architecture CPD Service

Over the years we've learned a huge amount about integrating plants into the built environment, we've also delivered hundreds of educational presentations to share this knowledge.  We continue to inspire and encourage architects and designers to make the world a greener place.

architecture cpd service - Green Roof

Learn sustainable architecture

Our objective is to deliver meaningful instruction that assists in the incorporation of living walls and green roofs into sustainable architecture projects.  The training is offered free-of-charge with one of our our expert trainers at your premises and takes the form of an interactive presentation with product samples and a question and answer session.

Tailored learning process

If you require a CPD that focuses on particular aspects of sustainable architecture (for example pitched green roofs or just looking at interior living walls) we can amend our presentation and approach accordingly.

eco-architecture cpd services
living wall architects cpd module

Education from practical experience

We’ve learned from years of experience and you can rely on our knowledge to get solutions that are proven to work in similar situations.

Continuing Professional Development

Bring your practice up to date with the latest in Eco-Architecture with our free CPD
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