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Return on investment

Living walls might be a reasonable investment compared to traditional cladding systems, however they can pay for themselves.  One example is an Aveda Salon in Dublin which is positioned beside a large hotel. The hair and beauty salon was struggling to be noticed and was not getting enough footfall. Following the installation of the ANS Living Wall they noticed a 40% increase in sales over the following year and put it entirely down to the living wall making them stand out. People pay more for a pleasant space with greenery.

Maintenance and running costs

Just as landscaping on a horizontal surface require care, maintenance is essential for a living wall. The cost is actually comparable to traditional landscaping per square meter although there may be additional costs incurred for access depending on the design of the living wall. For example a tall living wall may require a scissor lift of cherry picker for maintenance access once or twice a year. As we provide maintenance we can provide an accurate quotation for annual maintenance prior to installation. Another option is to lease the living wall (for example for 5 years) which will spread the initial cost and includes maintenance.

Branding opportunity

Many companies have become more aware of their corporate social responsibility in recent years and part of this is a commitment to sustainability. These commitments can be expensive and risk going unnoticed by consumers.  One case is Marks & Spencer who have many proactive measures to reduce their impact on the planet and consumers. We have installed many living walls for M&S over the years which help them raise awareness amongst their consumers of the commitments that they do make to the environment. 

Living Wall at hair salon

Moyo Aveda in Dublin that enjoyed a 40% increase in sales following the living wall installation.

Living Wall maintenance at University of Leicester 

Living wall sign-board for M&S Newcastle

The living wall is fantastic, the natural lush greenery perfectly complements the urban backdrop and offers visitors an oasis of calm in a busy city centre. ANS Global were great to work with; they understood our vision and requirements from the offset and met these with enthusiasm and top quality service.

Working with the world's top brands

ANS Living Wall installed at Nando's restaurant in Cambridge Retail Park
ANS Living Wall installed at the Morrisons Supermarket in Chingford, United Kingdom
ANS Living Wall installed in the offices of the UK Green Building Council
ANS Living Wall installed at the Facebook Offices in Dublin
ANS Living Wall installed at the Fitbit office in Dublin, Ireland
ANS Living Wall installed at Nike store in London, England
ANS Living Wall installed at Marks & Spencer store in Newcastle, England
ANS Living Wall installed at Porsche Centre West London
ANS Living Wall installed for Jaguar Land Rover exhibition stand at Geneva Motor Show
ANS Living Wall based on Vincent van Gogh painting installed at Trafalgar Square

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