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ANS GrufeKit Green Roof System

Introducing the ANS GrufeKit system

Quality product range

£54.99 plus VAT per sq/m incl. delivery

The sedum GrufeKit product
Pre-grown with 8-12 varieties of low maintenance Sedums. This is a popular evergreen option.

£64.99 plus VAT per sq/m incl. delivery

The Sedum & Wildflower GrufeKit product
Pre-grown with a blend of Sedums and small wild flowers to give maximum bio-diversity.

£44.99 plus VAT per sq/m incl. delivery

The Brown Wildflower GrufeKit product
Filled with intensive substrate and wild flower seeds. Plants will grow seasonally providing colour and interest.

BIM Objects Now Available

We’ve created a range of BIM Objects and NBS Specifications to give added technical backup to our ANS GrufeKit green roof system.  Quickly and easily specify the ANS GrufeKit system on your project today, just choose the plant choice you prefer.

How are green roofs installed?

Read our simple step-by-step guide.

A flourished green roof using our simple green roof tiles

Recent Green Roof Clients

ANS GrufeKit green roof garden installed on Crystal Mozart river cruise ship deck
ANS GrufeKit installed at The Lodges on the Tinwood Estate Vineyards
ANS GrufeKit green roof installed at King's College London