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green roof for biodervisity

Green Roof Benefit


improve biodiversity with a green roof

Give nature a home

With the prevalence of concrete, steel and glass in cities, nature is confined to small pockets of green space.  Vast areas of roof space are left bare.  By adding green roofs and wildflower roofs in cities we can massively increase the habitats available to birds, bees, butterflies and insects.  Specific plant mixes can be planted to bring local plants back to the environment and other features such as log piles, rocks, bird baths, insect hotels and bee hives can be included to boost the ecological impact of the green roof.

  • Planted to attract wildlife – our experts plan a bio-diverse green roof which will attract particular wildlife species
  • A complex eco habitat – the combination of grasses, sedums, wildflowers and other planting creates a specific and sustainable environment
  • Features for wildlife – Bee-hives, bird baths, insect hotels and log/stone outcrops can also be added
  • Year-round interest – the ecologically planned planting is also designed to have visual impact in all seasons
  • Modular design – makes maintenance, moving sections or replacement easy
  • Positive impact – provides valuable extra habitat for urban wildlife