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Green Roof Supplies and Products

With a GrufeKit (Green Roof Kit) you get the flexibility and control over your living roof installation.  So, what is in the kit?

  • Protection Fleece
  • Your choice of GrufeTile's
  • Optional GrufeGuard & Stone

That's it - GrufeKit is as simple as it gets, find out more about the products below or learn how to install a GrufeKit.

Select your GrufeTile

The Bespoke Planting GrufeKit product
Our system can be planted with your choice plants. Our experts will guide you on how to create the green roof you require.
The Brown Wildflower GrufeKit product
Filled with intensive substrate and wild flower seeds. Plants will grow seasonally providing colour and interest.
The Sedum & Wildflower GrufeKit product
Pre-grown with a blend of Sedums and small wild flowers to give maximum bio-diversity.
The sedum GrufeKit product
Pre-grown with 8-12 varieties of low maintenance Sedums. This is a popular evergreen option.


ANS GrufeGuard Accessory product
This optional aluminium guard protects the modules at the roof edge or around features (such as roof domes). Used where the upstand is less than 60 mm.
ANS GrufeKit protection fleece
Included with your GrufeTile's you will find protection fleece supplied at no extra cost. This is laid out on the roof surface first to protect the waterproofin
ANS GrufeKit Scottish Pebbles Accessory product
Use our quality Scottish pebbles for footpaths on the roof or to add a feature edging.