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Living Wall Case Study

ANZ Koru Lounge

1m² - 25m²
1 week
Angled shot of living wall in Air New Zealand VIP lounge
Front view of a living wall at Auckland International Airport
Showing a living wall amongst a dining area
Side view showing a seating area with a living wall in the background
Client background: 

Air New Zealand, winner of the Airline of the year award for 3 consecutive years, upgraded their flagship Air New Zealand Koru Lounge at Auckland International Airport. The rapidly expanding and successful Airline designed a sleek and modern lounge incorporating stylish meeting rooms, VIP lounges, and luxury dining areas. Discreet and attentive service allows customers to work, relax, or dine in modern and luxury surroundings.

Scope of works: 

Oasis worked with the Los Angeles design team to create 7 detailed planting designs, each creating a unique atmosphere, with particular focus on structural effect, along with detailed consideration of the natural ambience. Once the final design was created and refined, Oasis grew the wall in our dedicated nursery. Installation was carried out and resulted in an instant impact, creating a natural expansive atmosphere, aligning with an impression of possibility the designers sought to form. As the living wall by Oasis was such a key part of the project design, the architect and designers carefully situated the living wall so it could be seen from almost anywhere in the luxurious complex.

Case Study Location

Ray Emery Drive
Auckland 2022
New Zealand
Fantastic work! The living wall is so lush and green for our guests to enjoy.