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26th November 2014

How long does it take to grow a green wall

A living wall is the fastest way to introduce full, natural colour and foliage to any interior or exterior place. That’s because we’ve already done the growing. All the plants we purchase, from grasses to herbaceous species, have been cultivated by our preferred plant suppliers. Our nursery takes delivery once the plants are already established. This makes the planting and establishment process a lot faster for us – and means we’ve eliminated much of the wait.

We meet with you to discuss your aims and conduct a site survey. This shows us exactly the conditions in which your living wall will need to survive and thrive. With more than 45 years of horticultural skills in the business, we know exactly which plants do best in which environments and how to help them prosper. This helps us plan and source the right plants for the effect you’re hoping to achieve. And because our nursery has a continuous stock of our most commonly used plant species, the wait before we can schedule an installation on site is minimal.

Once we’ve established the most suitable planting species and arrangement for your green wall, we schedule the installation. Now this part’s really quick. We use our own, unique modular planting system – the fastest way to install a living wall or green roof, as there’s no manufacturing required on site. What’s more, because the modules are manufactured here in the UK, we’re not kept waiting for deliveries from overseas.

Unless we need to work from a mobile elevated work platform, just one of our module installation team can install between 5m2 and 8m2 of modules a day – including first and second fix. And our nursery team plants on average 45m2 of planting a day.

So with pre-grown modules, you have instant results with minimal waiting time. Our average installation timeframe is just 6-8 weeks from approval of design.  For a no-obligation discussion about installing a green roof or vertical garden, get in touch on 01243 545818 or