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ANS LivingCanvas

Side profile view of the ANS LivingCanvas with and without plants.

Practical design for easy maintenance

Set within a picture frame, our clever modular system means pre-grown plants can be inserted and removed easily to create instant impact or to refresh or change the design whenever it is needed. The hidden integral water tanks are especially clever: they only need refilling every 6 weeks, making maintenance of a constantly fresh, healthy display trouble-free even in commercial locations.

Wide choice of plants

Almost any plant is suitable for setting in our modular design: foliage, flowering, brightly coloured or every shade of green. This means colours and textures can be combined in virtually limitless way, growing together to paint a picture of whatever you require.

A front view of the ANS LivingCanvas half planted with interior plants.
The full range of ANS LivingCanvas sizes from small to extra-large.

Range of sizes

Get creative with a range of sizes, pair up ANS LivingCanvas units for stunning visual effect.

Bespoke printed frames

Print any image or branding onto the frame of the ANS LivingCanvas for maximum impact.

Four various printed frames on the ANS LivingCanvas.

Further information

Contact us to get a price and further information about how we can provide a solution with LivingCanvas