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How does Moss Art work?

Drawing of moss art design

Design your moss artwork

It all starts with design, we're full of ideas and can offer guidance and inspiration for your concept.

Add preserved plants

Consider adding to the effect with natural looking preserved plants, branches and stones. Once installed, there’s no further maintenance, watering or clipping needed.

Branches integrated into the moss art
Close-up of plug sockets

No power, water or maintenance required

Our proven practical design means a moss wall is fast and easy to install on virtually any interior wall. It is lightweight, needs no power source, natural light or drainage outlet so it can be sited almost anywhere.

Colour-dyed for a creative palette

As well as the vast range of greens which mosses grow in, our subtle colour-dyed mosses and lichens add tones of yellows and blues to the options. By skilful selection, combining and planting by our botanical experts and designers, we can create lasting moss art for you which will have astonishing impact in any location.

Different colour moss art