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4th July 2017

How to Add the Wow Factor to Your Hotel Rooms

ANS Living Canvas used in a hotel to give a stunning green impact

In the hotel business, service is everything. It takes a disgruntled guest very little time to go online and express their dissatisfaction with the room, the check-in process, and anything else they are unhappy about. By providing a superlative guest experience, you are more likely to enjoy plenty of repeat bookings. And don’t forget, happy guests love to brag about their amazing trip on social media.

One way to boost your brand and keep guests returning year after year is to design hotel rooms with the ‘wow’ factor. Here are some great hotel room ideas for forward-thinking hoteliers.

Bespoke Furniture

If all your furniture is generic and modern, it is time to think outside the box. Look for interesting pieces and give each room a theme. A few select pieces of antique furniture will help guests feel at home when they stay in your hotel.


Hanging a couple of pictures is hardly going to set the world on fire, so get rid of your boring landscape prints and invest in some original artwork. A large, bold canvas above the bed becomes a conversation point. Choose artwork with a theme and tie this into the overall décor.

Living Pictures

Original artwork is often used to add the wow factor to boutique hotels, but if you are looking for a truly original alternative to paintings and textile art, consider an eye-catching living canvas made with living plants.

Living art is an innovative idea whereby living plants are set within a modular picture frame. Plants can be inserted or removed in each module. This allows you to shake up the design or replace a dying plant. An inbuilt watering system makes this a low-maintenance design solution for a hotel room. Your guests will love the idea of living art and extra plants create a healthier atmosphere, especially in an air-conditioned room.

A Touch of Luxury

All guests love a touch of luxury, especially if it is unexpected. High thread count sheets, an antique chaise longue, or a luxurious cashmere throw on the bed scream boutique hotel. Go for timeless style and elegance and you won’t need to redecorate for a few years.

A Pop of Colour

Too many hotel rooms are an oasis of cream or pale grey. Muted colours are relaxing, but they can also err on the side of boring. Whilst a scarlet red room is likely to be rather disturbing to the majority of guests, there are some very good reasons to introduce a pop of colour at least somewhere in the room.

If you elect to paint the walls in muted shades, use bold colours in your accessories. For example, yellow ochre or burnt orange work well with pale teal or soft grey. Colour is good in the bathroom, too. Instead of designing clinical white bathrooms, select a strong colour for one of the walls and accessorise with matching toiletries.

A well-designed hotel room is a smart investment. Too many modern hotel rooms are nothing more than generic boxes, so go the extra mile and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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