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Living Wall Application


Sometimes life can become too noisy, too busy and too chaotic so when you come home, you want it to feel welcoming and calm. Bringing the benefits of nature into your home can transform dull, functional areas into indoor gardens and help maintain your home as a peaceful safe haven from the stresses of modern living.

Even if you don't have much space to spare, a living wall can give you a vertical garden of plants without losing any floor space.

Who says the garden belongs outside? Bring it in!  Living walls inside can provide a stunning feature and can even increase property value.

Living walls help to regulate temperature, balance humidity, clean the air and also increase your sense of wellbeing – simply from being around plants. They are also an elegant addition to any home. For those in urban areas where green space is lost due to intensified building development, living walls replenish this loss of greenery whilst increasing biodiversity.

Although the health benefits and green credentials are convincing enough to invest in a living wall yourself, what’s more is their ability to adapt to your personal style and needs. The entire living wall is made up of individual modules and can be fixed to a range of surfaces including steel, timber, plaster and concrete. So whether you are after an exterior or interior living wall, due to the way they are installed they can be fitted almost anywhere there is wall space – even curved walls!

Living walls can also be customised with different species of plants to create unique patterns and designs. For example, an edible living wall adorned with fresh herbs or fruits would be a perfect addition to your kitchen.