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Living walls and improved air quality

Living Wall Benefit

Air Quality

The leaves of plants filter out pollutants from the air and absorb dust particles. This helps decrease smog formation.

Man-made air pollution is responsible for 4,800 deaths from heart attacks a year - Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor

TFL Case Study

Our ANS LivingWall installation for Transport for London in Walthamstow is a good example of an air quality improvement scheme.  You can read more on the project on the case study.

living walls on shopping malls

The ANS LivingWall was installed on the side of a shopping mall and the plants were chosen for maximum impact on air quality.

living walls london

Also on this scheme was the promotion of walking and cycling, as well as special paving designed to absorb harmful particles from the air.

Public transport was widely promoted on the scheme to reduce the number of cars and therefore the amount of pollution added.